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KLT-6210 N2+
KLT6210-N2 04

KLT-6210 N2+

  • Optionals:
  • High speed dental handpiece
  • Low speed dental handpiece
  • Fiber optical dental handpiece
  • Endoscope system
  • Built-in Scaler
  • Built-in curing light
  • Electronic micro motor


Standard configurations

3-way syringe(cold/hot) 2 sets
Powerful suction device 1 set
Saliva ejector 1 set
Dentist Stool (RS-S6) 1 set
LED Dental light 1 set
Warm water system 1 set
Pure water supply system 1 set
Rotatable and removeable ceramic spittoon 1 set
DC 24V motor driven chair 1 set
Multifunctional assisant device 1 set
LED x-ray viewer 1 set







Patient Chair

1.  Wide chair seat
2.  2 armrests,rotatable right armrest
3.  4-way foot control
4.  Master switch for air,water and power
5.  Lowest chair position:380mm


Water Unit

1.  Rotatable & Detachable ceramic spittoon
2.  Programmable cup filler and spittoon rinsing system
3.  Constant temperature warm water system
4.  Pure water supply system



Dentist table

1.Compact work follow
2.Hygiene instruments holder
3.Silicon rubber mat,autoclavable
4.Clear touch panel



Assistant Unit

1.3-way syringe(warm water)
2.Silicon rubber suction handle,regulable
3.Pre-position for built-in curing light
4.Central suction system(option)



LED operation light

1.Multi-angle rotating to meets different requires
2.Detachable handle is autoclavable
3.Touchless on/off,stepless intensity control
4.Light intensity:>35000lux


Doctor stool

1.Dentist stool(high quality)with backrest
2.Gas spring moving system
3.Moveable stool base


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