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AD1300 Suction unit(for 5 chair)

AD1300 Suction unit(for 5 chair)

  • Voltage : 220V / 50Hz
  • Current : 5.4A
  • Pump power : 1300W
  • Revolution : 28000r / min
  • Noise : 69dB
  • Max Vacumm : -33KPa
  • Connect  dental unit Quantity (Simultaneous use 60%) : 5
  • Connect dental unit quantity (simultaneous use 100%) : 4
  • N.W : 41Kg
  • Product Size : 51 x 41 x 63cm
  • Package Size : 52 x 48 x 69cm


     Efficient separation,Compact structure,Low use-cost
     Let air and liquid separate in the small room.Separation system and vacuum pump is connected in the same central driving sharft,don’t need instal separation system in the dental unit,don’t need any other traditional system’s working cost---as water pump

     Strong Power
     Adopt width voltage and double frequence,motor with protection leve IP55(insulation grade F) as drive,accomplish turbine circulation suction power,lower noise, higher pressure,larger flowing. Offer the constant suction power for treatment

     Regulation and cooling
     Bulit-in auxiliary air valve,not only regulate suction power of system,but also ensure inside cooling of pump.

     Corrosion resistance
     Separation system adopt high grade engineering plastics,corrosion resistance,long use-life time

     Two stage separation system
     Innovative two stage separation system,have higher foam tolerance,ensure out-air without any water,avoid pump damage.

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